Janitor Simulator is the game where you play as a janitor in the hotel lobby. Your goal is to keep the lobby clean to get the best score. This is my first game that I made. This was an assingnment in UC Santa Cruz to create a game using free version of Construct 3 in 2 weeks period. That engine is designed for people who have no exprience creating games, and most of the games that are made on that engine are 2D games. I wanted to test the limits of the engine by creating an isometric type of game. 
Here is the link to the end result of Janitor Simulator.


By making a decision to make an isometric game, it created a lot of issues with the way sprites are located on screen and the way character needs to switch between layers. Unfortunately the free version of Construct 3 doesn't suppost isometric type of games, so I had to create custom sprites to mimic the layer switching illusion. Additionally, the free version only lets you create 50 events, which limited the complexity of the game.


From this project I learned that sometimes as a developer you are going to be limited on what the engine can do. It is crusial to understand it, and create workarounds to some of the problems the engine creates. In the end some I couldn't add all of the mechanics I wanted because of th event limit, and isometric immitaion isn't perfect. Although, the game turned out to be pretty decent for a 2 week project.