Little Ember is a video game where the player is in control of a weak little flame trying to grow bigger to consume everyting in the way. Every time the flame grows and moves to the next level, it will encounter different threats. This game was built for a group project at UC Santa Cruz using Phaser 2 Community Edition framework for JavaScript in 6 weeks. Our group had 3 people on it, and I was the main programmer. 
Here is the link to the end result of Little Ember.


One of the challenges I encountered during this project is encorporating our artist's work into the game because the assets were created with different scales, so each time we got a very big sprite to had to scale it down to conserve the space and load times of the game. Another challenge, was creating a modular code structure. Since the beginning, we wanted to have multiple levels, where they will now have significant gameplay differences. This lead me to organizing the code structure to be modular, so we can make as many levels as we wanted.


Throughout the development process we didn't have enough time to iterate, which led to later on levels to be not as polished as the first level. Modular code structure worked really well, and we were able to create levels fairly fast as the assets were coming in. At the end of the levels, players receives a grade for how well they did throughout the level. What I learned is that even if the player didn't do well in the level, the grade should never go below specific grade or it will make the player feel really bad.