About me

I am a recent grad from UC Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Computer Science: Game Design. My goal and passion is to work on video games and thereby bring joy to other people. In the various video game projects I have been a part of I most often fulfilled the role of Gameplay Programmer or Game Designer. Find below a few of my projects. If you are interested in more details please feel free to click on them or send me an email at ali@zeynalov.com.


Kidgilantes is a 2 player local co-op game, where your goal is to rescue all of the animals from the zoo by avoiding the guards.

10,000 Light Years

10,000 Light Years is a board game where the player is in control of a space ship trying to prevent the local sector from falling into chaos.

Little Ember

Little Ember is a video game where the player is in control of a weak little flame trying to grow bigger to consume everyting in the way.

Janitor Simulator

Janitor Simulator is a video game where you play as a janitor in the hotel lobby with many bad-mannered guests.